Between some odd latency probs and MEGA lack of sleep (it's 5:32am our time) I've got my track in.  Totally just made it up in the final hours and it's mostly improved and barely holding structurally.  Totally ran out of time and would redo it if I could - but I guess this is what it's all about!!   Drums took more than 50% of my time - the controller was good but ultimately it doesn't quite feel like a real kit so I ended up tweaking the hell out of the drums.  But learnt a TON as this is the first time I've touched VSTi drums.  NOW I SLEEP!!  (looking forward to hearing everyones tunes tomorrow)

[posted twice by mistake because i'm that scattered!]

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Recorded everything I need in. I started 3 different loops with the same samples at 3 different tempo's but I think that the 95 BPM one sounds better so I just need to organise samples, arrange and mix the parts and then upload in like 2 hours for me.

Loving this challenge.

I wasn't so much having problems with writers block as I was having time management issues ... well, ok, I went out for drinks a few times. Several times. Actually, I've only been sober when I've been at work. For the past two weeks. tongue So my track's a bit shorter this time!

Finally got it in with a half hour to go. Just needed to tidy up bits and record it.

God damn this was tough. I actually wrote 5 different songs. The one I'm about to upload I didn't start until about 10 PM last night. I need to manage my time better. I hope next week goes better.

Insanely busy this week and was overconfident. I only started a few hours ago (from an old sketch), got a bit lost, lacking a clue of what to do and have tehrefore failed this week. Not happy... Damn you, me!

procrastinate dat ass huh

well im kinda bummed, mine dosent seem to be up now - sucks, ah well guess I will have to smash it into next weeks song.

idevourstatic wrote:

ah well guess I will have to smash it into next weeks song.

350 BPM!!!

Couldn't make the deadline this week for my submission.  Had some technical difficulties.  The fan on my laptop died and I'm still waiting for a replacement in the mail.  I had a cool project going too.  Anyhow, once I'm back on-line permanently I'll be giving Week 2's submissions a listen.

i was wondering why you didn't have a week 2 track up, it was the first thing i looked for