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La moitié de quoi? Je ne sais trop, mais au moins de l'année!

By djippy on June 30, 2024 10:48 pm

Not much effort this week, did dig into a JPD (me) Niko (Guitarist I am friend with) jam live recording, in that case 2 mics (1 close cab guit and one room mic pointing to the drum kit.)

Did a couple of guitar copy pastes to double it up on some parts of the track plus added a dirty synth bass at some parts so it covers all the spectrum (Played on the laptop keys using virtual keyboard...), listening back now I feel it is a bit overwhelming and hide the good guitar stuff, but HEY! wanted to give a bit more smile .  There are not that many notes there so it is ok.

Slow and dirty, truly this is sex in musical form

Black Sabbath vibes. Like it.

*pulls up a lawn chair, cracks open a beer, pulls brim of hat down annd slouches back to enjoy the slow grooves of djippy's warehouse_sized_garage_band* yikes  \m/ \m/  The guitar riff in this would fit nicely with an action hero dropping the match on a trail of lighter fluid. b00m!

Dirty vibes. Love the grime. The recording matches well.

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