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By Bleeoop on April 28, 2024 5:23 pm

Some Amigo tracks, some Roland JV1080 tracks, some Serum tracks, some audio tracks.

Roland JV1080 vst is really a strange beast, you can create some deep, multilayered sounds with loads of modulation but the interface is kinda terrible, there's actually so many editable parameters that it becomes very difficult to keep track of them all and make changes and edits quickly.

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Cool. Really like the sequencing of that pluck sound. And the other crunchy bass thing under it.

The airiness throughout the track is really calming.  Like I'm watching people fly kites while I lay in the grass.  Indeed that bass pluck fills the mix so nicely alongside the jv pads.  Love the wavy ambient atmosphere you've created in this.  Well done!

a beautiful feel of sailing through such lovely colors

so nice

The Roland may be a beast, but this sounds calming and dreamlike. I like the vocals in here. Everything fits nicely.

Really lovely atmosphere on this track.  Easy to get lost in.  I love the sound design of all the little stabs that come and go through out.  Very nice track.

Another wonderful ambient track. Would love to buy an album of these!

I think the JV plugin preserves faithfully the suffering that was programming the real 1080. I mean: it is, no doubt, a powerful machine, but compared to something like Serum, the amount of menu-diving was insane. It is true that once you are "in the zone" it becomes second nature, but besides looking fantastic on the rack, I personally had to admit the lack of ergonomics, bending my back a thousand times per track because not every synth could be in the perfect row and/or height in the studio.

Enought ranting, sorry. The track is excellent, as usual. I love the slight detuning of the pads, and what you do with those "metalic" elements around 0:30. It has all the "chimey chimey" feel of a Bleeoop track. smile

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