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Plunging Voyage

By xavoneir on May 27, 2018 10:44 pm

"You attempt to stand up, only to fail completely. The wanderer hops to their feet, assisting you in getting up and asking if you think you will be able to swim to the light. You nod, not entirely certain if you can. The wanderer leads you to the edge of the water and then takes off towards the light. You attempt to swim after, the scars yet to have healed by then being stung viciously by the cold, unforgiving ocean. The wanderer disappears under the water, and the light source shifts away from you. Suddenly, the wanderer returns to the surface piloting a small submersible with room enough for two. They bring the submersible over to you and you climb inside, closing the hatch and preparing for a voyage. The two of you begin to venture deeper into the ocean as the light shining in front of you through the porthole at the front end of the submersible reveals an endless cascade of blue. You think you see strange, incomprehensible creatures on the fringes of what you are able to see with the light, their forms becoming more gnarled and twisted as you delve ever deeper into the darker depths below. A familiar hum begins to sound through your eardrums as you near something large in the dark. You are struck by a wave of fear as you realize what you are approaching."

This week's track is a bit of an ambient thing that is meant to call back to many previous samples used prior. The beginning bit was inspired by the Onett theme from Earthbound, which I have been listening to quite a bit recently. The second movement, which is by far the more important, longest, and most dense of the two is inspired by the Giygas battles' music, also from Earthbound.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA)

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