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Nocturne in A Minor (Lyre, Guitar)

By ViridianLoom on May 26, 2024 6:31 pm

I got a lyre! I’ve been plucking away on it all week and having fun. So, rather “compose” a song in the traditional sense (since I still don’t entirely know what I’m doing), what you’re hearing/seeing here is off the cuff improvisation. This was one of those improv sessions where things just kind of worked out and I was happy enough to turn it in as is.

Also, I rarely make videos so you'll see me moving the camera around mid performance haha. You might also see me fret and pluck the guitar in some instances and there was no sound, reason being that I played an errant note that was outside of the key of A minor that sounded bad so I clipped and muted the audio there. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

› Song Notes/Experience so far learning the lyre

Nice lyre! Just make sure your pants don’t catch fire. tongue

Hearing this instrument through the lens of your songwriting style (or vise versa?) is really cool. I’d love to bear more of these!

Wonderful little thing here, even being an improv track. Excited to hear more of it in the future.

Love the sound of it and the puns it will create tongue  This has such a nice meditative feel to it.  +1 lyre

Nice that thing sounds great!

This is really nice! I like that you made something with the new instrument. One thing I think is nice about diatonic instruments for melody improvisation is that although it's hard to get the spicy notes, it's also really hard to play something spicy where you didn't intend to and then have to recover the melody line! Really nice job with this one, I really enjoyed it.

It seems like Hades really did have an impact... I love what you did with this piece.  It sounds lovely, the timbre of each instrument layers nicely. I very much want to get a lyre now.  I love me a diatonic instrument... not tune so much though.  On a scale of 0 to DMV, ho much of a hassle was it to get a clean recordings? 

The guitar and the lyre are a very good combo. You learned fast and it sounds great. The sustain of it is impressive. I think you did a good reverb on it too. I admire your finger playing, I couldn’t do that with my short nailless sausage fingers.

So sick!! Great ambiance and love those more intense parts. So psyched for you!

Yeah, this is lovely! You clearly took to it. I've never played one before, but can imagine it would take a but to get used to the lower notes being farther away. Thanks for this, will be listening again smile

This is real soothing. That lyre sounds great. Nice work man!

Really lovely recording. Wouldn't have thought this was improvised, especially on an instrument you're just learning! I don't know anything about lyres so the notes were an interesting read.

Can we get an 8 hour "Lucid Dream Music" youtube version?

Love the variety you create, never know what I’m going to get week to week. Can’t wait to hear more lyre creations this was lovely

Wow dude. I'm going to have to put this on at the office while people are doing their ketamine treatments. haha

so great to watch you play in the vid! beautiful tone to that lyre, and complemented so well by the droplets of guitar beneath... well made and beautifully played big_smile

sounds great!! love the sound!

really beautiful - you did a magnificent job tuning all 19 strings!  wow - that sounds difficult!
looking forward to the tin whistle - i like those

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