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By ViridianLoom on June 30, 2024 10:33 pm

My energy has been waning for a while, been trying to get back into the groove of things but the best I could muster this week was a riff and a solo. Contemplating if I should allow myself to just start missing weeks this year when I'm not feeling up to it because I've already completed two full runs of weeklybeats, where my initial motivation was to not miss any weeks, but now I don't know if I really care so much about that anymore. I like the weekly reminder to be productive but I'd rather be putting out stuff I take some pride in because I put in the honest effort. Feel like I've been phoning it in for like the last 7 weeks, especially when you compare the quality of my songs to the first 10 or so weeks of music I did where I was all in on the commitment. 

Hey that was a cool riff, with a lot of groove. And that solo was soaring!
The ups and downs of creativity are like hill hiking. Sometimes it goes up and you can see a long distance away, and it's exhilirating. And sometimes you have to hike between hills, macheting your way and it's laborious and it feels fruitless. But that's part of the journey. Enjoy the process and I sure enjoy your tracks. smile

Take a break when you need one man. Its not a crime!

I agree with everyone else, we are only accountable to ourselves here right, and the whole thing is only worth it if you are getting something from it that you value.  No reason to run yourself ragged or do things you aren't proud of if it's taking more from you than it's giving back.  Though I will say that, this weeks track is legit.  Like a heard it start and I was like "damn who is this"... looked and was then like "wait...didn't he just start working on this like 3 or 4 hours ago... DAMN!! THIS is a quick last minute jam... wow".  So you know... there's that. 

A powerful intermezzo. Another sophisticated and impressing example of your skills. Thanks

Love the groove from the second that cymbal hits.  Gave me some spoonman vibes with the opening.  Your butt_rock tag makes me wonder how this awesome solo was achieved tongue   I hear ya on the week to week rundown feeling.  Just take it at your own pace.  Totally enjoyed this rocking track! \m/

Like the mid focused tones, super solid bass line. nice soloing, you have nothing to apologize about. this is a very fun listen.

I had a huge loss of motivation after I did release "Ami avec un robot" tracks that I did here. I am not "proud" of all what I released since, but going back to it there are some ideas and fun synth tracks that I probably use again.

Take care!!!

totally get where you are coming from. i think Napear & others put it really well upthread.

there are weeks when i have a ton of ideas and energy (and some extra time) so i go wild, but i also am working on knowing when i need to keep it simple, or build on a past idea rather than trying to cook up something from scratch. it has helped me to know this is a supportive community where i can try out ideas, and also to remember how much i enjoy hearing other peoples' quick ideas/ voice memos/ sketches/ "speed trash"/ etc...

for example... this track of yours was a really cool and ripping vignette and it's neat to hear your process and hear you work things out that i am not able to do. i also really like your chill acoustic tracks.

but yeah, by all means take a break when you need it. music should be FUN. you've clearly already shown that you are able to run the marathon.   smile

For what it's worth, it's inspiring to hear the tools and tricks you're able to fall back on to get a track finished even when you're not feeling it. To me you've got a solid baseline (and some solid bass lines!) and things only get more impressive and cool on the weeks when you're feeling it. I definitely empathize with the sense of burnout - I've been feeling it too lately. But I hope you can look back on the tracks you're less proud of and still smile, because they're probably better than you think and they've got a ton of value.

Hope this helps. It's been awesome getting to hear your tracks again this year from Week 1 to Week 26! big_smile

It all works, I learn a lot from the limited time frame, trying new things that may not always be as I wanted but I always have something to take away. Love the sound you get out of all your gear.

You might have set the bar too high with those early songs. Good problem to have

Pleasure to hear this! Good work 👍

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