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In Sound I Confide

By Tone Matrix on May 12, 2024 4:53 pm

This week was the latest I've submitted a track or at least the latest I've gone without having a clue what I was going to do.
It's been a weird week.  The music world has lost some very influential minds in the past few weeks.  Steve Albini being the most recent that hits a bit.  I wasn't as familiar with his entire discography but I knew of his unique approach to being a engineer/producer.  More than just a producer though, he didn't get in the way of the band and was there to capture what the essence of the band was which was usually against Mr.RecordExec's wishes. 
I had some social outings this week for a change.  That's a big change for this hermit.  It made me feel alive.. A bit more myself than I have felt in awhile.  That feeling doesn't always last of course.  Somehow it seems like though when I'm at my lowest and struggling and needing some sort of distraction.  Something happens.  A friend reaches out.  A friend lets you know you're not alone in so many words. 
I had nothing that satisfied me as being good until this morning when I coffeed myself to the keyboard.  A few takes later I had something that at least felt therapeutic to me.  The low notes.. especially this piano sound.. I really wanted to hit the crap out of my keyboard. But I obviously was in a lurching mood noodling my way around. You'll see that actually in the 97 video.  I was so into Tori Amos during that semester.. I may have even been straddling the bench like she does tongue  The 97 ending was def her fault foot pedal stop and all.  Thank for reading my babble.  The point is I really wanted to bang the crap out of my keyboard this week.  I didn't quite.. but hopefully those low notes get the point across. 
i am grateful for this website and the music I've discovered because of it.
thank you heart

Hopefully I did the YT link correct.  If not here is a copy/pasta link

This was the second of 3 pieces I wrote while attending New World School of the Arts in Miami (1997).  It's funny how I can't shake certain memories from the past.  Usually the ones that you wish you could have a second chance with.  So I sometimes forget things I've done recently.  Like a fragmented hard drive I guess?  For example I forgot I had already digitized this for Instagram a few years ago before I ran out of doom_scrolling_batteries.  So thankfully #ReleaseTheTapes was just a search on my harddrive tongue  The original was filmed by my Dad on his camcorder (tapes no digital).  No cell phones obviously, no other parents did it so thank goodness for my documentarian Dad smile  But the sound quality is a bit hissy and actually a note sharp because of the warping quality.  Aminor became ACharp tongue  The video explains the rest.  My proudest "pretend your a composer" moment tbh.  Thank you for taking an interest in my forgotten past smile

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This week's track is somber and suitably restrained.  Sometimes the banging hard is more effective when used at precisely the right time.  It's also really cool to see the '97 track.  It would be interesting to hear you work with vocalists and strings again now, although that takes a lot of arranging to make happen.  Both musically and getting the people into place.  It really captured the Poe feeling though.  Yeah, your version was waaaaaaay more developed than my take on Alone back then, which was pretty much just a dinky little melody.  Enjoyed hearing it!

I like to see these old videos. We did not have smartphones in the 90s or even the early 2000s. I am so glad considering what I did in my younger days. smile It must be terrible to be a teenager now.
I loved the rhythm and flow of this track. Tori Amos! One of my favorite musicians! What a genius pianist she is!

Thank you for another beautiful reflective piece of music.  Always a treat each week.

Love all your piano work! Super cool seeing that old video

Kedbreak136 wrote:

I like to see these old videos. We did not have smartphones in the 90s or even the early 2000s. I am so glad considering what I did in my younger days. smile It must be terrible to be a teenager now.
I loved the rhythm and flow of this track. Tori Amos! One of my favorite musicians! What a genius pianist she is!

Totally agree, kids nowadays area always being recorded. I can't imagine having that much footage of myself in existence. Especially THOSE years lol.

lovely composition, this felt very clear-eyed to me. such a treat to get to hear you play.
and that video! baby Wizard! wow - you had such a great touch on the piano, even back then. that had to be so cool to be able to perform this with that crew. thanks for sharing it with all of us  heart

While listening to your beautiful composition this week, I try to understand what feeling it evokes in my head and heart. And up came a very pure nostalgia emotion, like digging in a family album or revisiting an old beloved place with hundreds of memories. Some happy and some sad, changing constantly. This is somehow related to your nice old video you placed above. Thanks for this precious and beautiful song.

emotions = energy in motion, without them where would be, but sometimes being with them is a real cross to carry. I appreciate everything you do as the energy you put in motion has a change reaction.  Thanks again for this!

Lovely song, feeling the feels to be felt. I like the title. Confiding the sounds and emotions. Interesting to read how you wanted to bang on the piano, but restrained, I think it comes through. Thanks for releasing the tape! Cool composition, I'm sure that was a lot of work. It was cool to read you notes about it, surprise intro they didn't know about, love it. Fun to look about at the old hissy grainy tapes.

Beautiful work. Life can be pretty lonely sometimes, but it’s amazing what meeting a new person or an old friend can do for your spirit. Hope you’re feeling better. heart

Such a lovely composition and playing smile I really enjoy this lower-register sound. The ending feels powerful as all the "heaviness" of the lower notes has been lifted.

well that just made my day

the track this week is like this

and 1997 wizard is like this

as someone who plays piano poorly & finds it really difficul to sing + play = tori is a wizard just like you

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