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Company Time

By SteveSkiano on March 3, 2024 3:49 pm

Friday came, and I had no ideas for songs at all. Then and older guy at the gym, who didn't know I was doing this song writing thing, but knew I was in a band, said "You should make a song that goes, 'My boss makes and dollar while I make a dime, that's why I'm pooping on company time,' so I just went with that. So I tried to get in the mindset of someone at a big factory or something, with a douche bag boss whose dad owns the company. It turned out pretty fun. And my week was much better, for those who may be concerned. smile

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Awesome dude! are you the same Steve I know?! haha, good job overall. Guitars and bass sound great, the rapped section was a pleasant surprise, unexpected but it fits perfectly and the final chorus with the backing vocals... no words!

OMG I saw the title of this and I was going to comment that it made me think of that phrase… but then you wrote a whole song about it. I didn't see that one coming. Nice job expanding your sonic palette with the octave leads. I dig the staccato guitar on the verses. This is fun, and funny!

Yes!!! Fuck the man! Poop on company time.

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