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Luna Speaks (WB24)

By spry on June 14, 2020 7:27 pm

I was whistling a melody to some chords so i didnt forget it and my cat Luna just happened to speak up while i was recording! So i decided for better or worse that was going to be the sample i based this track around :X (you can hear her best in the intro and outro areas but its there the whole way through lol)

Spent 30 minutes building a basic backing track, 20 minutes recording melody whistles and Luna by accident, 40 minutes editing and mixing the sample to get the noise out of it without totally killing the tone (what a pain editing whistles) and I set it down for the day after that. Next day picked it back up and spent 30 minutes writing drum patterns, 30 minutes duplicating the melody on other instruments and writing in arps, 40 more minutes mixing the track, 20 minutes adding filters, volumizing and adjusting fx and another 10 minutes adjusting the master track. Total work time about 3 and a half hours

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June 15, 2020 1:43 am

this is great!

June 15, 2020 10:15 pm
kaedo sevaada wrote:

this is great!

heart that gif is spot on lol

June 17, 2020 11:47 pm

dang this is SICK - I am LOVING how you are incorporating live samples this year - one cool thing about your tight work routine is that the slight adjustments become very impactful, for listeners who are progressively experiencing your work.  The big chord change 1:15 is so rad.  And as always, your kick patterns astound me.  Whenever I listen to your tracks, I think, "Man, I gotta do stuff like this" but somehow I always forget it when I'm working on tracks and just got DUR, DUR, DUR, DUR, DUR, DUR, DUR smile

Nice half-time as well.  I think I accurately located Luna and it was adorable heart

July 11, 2020 11:05 am

Just listened to this. It rips! So repeative so catchy! Great work! Luna knows what's up!

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