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Twirlers Bog

By Sir Bunting on January 21, 2024 2:56 pm

This song is about wild bog nymphs who make you twirl (to your doom)
0:00 In the spook forest.
1:43 Nymphs appear and fly around you
2:02 You start spinning while trying to run away and tripping on things
2:19 You see the wicked face
2:38 Under the spell
3:30 They laugh
3:46 They beat you up
4:24 On the ground listening to lingering effects of the spell. You got beat up!! Game over!!

Yo!!!!!! I gave up trying to count and just twirled instead. I love the nymph motif. What an epic piece, thank you!

the trumpet goes so hard!

dude what, it was already really enjoyable and all of a sudden that guitar cuts through and it's like OH NO THEY GOT ME, THEY GOT ME.

I want to continue, but I think I need the guide book. that was hard.

loved it.

This is some amazing storytelling on display.
- Spider

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