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By scy on May 19, 2024 11:35 pm

I didn't produce many WeeklyBeats tracks that I actually really liked. Most of them were "just okay". But this one I really enjoy. smile Play it on some speakers that can produce a bit of bass. Drums are minimal, and if your speakers are too tinny, you miss out on like 25 % of them wink

There's not a lot of behind-the-scenes things I can tell you. Produced on Sunday in about 12 hours, Deluge-only again, using some presets from Boards of Deluge 4 and Meat Beat's "Famous Sounds for Deluge". Some parts were played on a MIDI keyboard for added expressiveness, only to then find out that the patch completely ignored velocity xD

Started out in D# Phrygian, but it was missing a note that I really wanted to have in the melody. Good thing the Deluge just lets you play it via MIDI and then adapt to that. It now says I'm in "other scale", so basically it doesn't have any idea what it is, and neither do I, but that's okay.

I've also made the rhythm kind of strange by starting loops on the 2 or 3, but it still works. smile

And I had weird clicks that at first I failed to debug, until I noticed that they occurred when the rhythmic bass and the drums were playing at the same time, but not when I stopped either of them. First idea was that they're simply clipping in combination, but no, the sidechain ducking attack rate was simply too steep.

This is the longest track I've ever released for WeeklyBeats, I think, but it didn't feel like more effort than others which are much shorter. I guess I simply enjoyed it. smile

Feel free to ask questions or give feedback. I'm here to learn, and that includes constructive criticism.

Audio works licensed by author under:
CC Attribution Share Alike (BY-SA)

Finally found time to listen, and what can I say, it's a really great track. I love a lot of things. The really deep bass that seems to start coming in at 2:20-ish (which I bet is not audible on some speakers I own…, good that you did add the disclaimer), the rhythmicality of the lead melody, the melody itself in its powerful simplicity, the filter sweeps, the minimal but very engaging percussion (those are always great in your tracks!), and how you just take the time to play it all out very slowly and patiently. Really good one smile

I'd really enjoy a look behind the scenes of this track, on how you developed the idea and how the production on the Deluge actually looks like.

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