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sink monster

By Q-Rosh on July 7, 2024 10:20 am

I started saturday afternoon arranging this track, after I was working early in the morning in the clinic and have been very tired coming home. I felt asleep while listening to the mix in a loop. there was a moment that was waking me up every time. this was definitely an effective thing, so I left the track how it was, to offer that experience to anyone, who wants to fall asleep while listening to this. on sunday I was cutting my polycarbonate record with material of this session and went to work again with mixed feelings. I could have done better, but there was no time and energy left to do more with it.

A lovely warmth to this track and it traverses nicely through the different movements.  Lots of great guitar tones drifting throughout.  Really nice!

I didn't fall asleep, but this was very nice to zone out to.  Lots of wonderful sounds as always.  I especially liked what sounded like voices coming in near the end.

beware the SINK MONSTER!
i did not fall asleep, but i was definitely startled!  yikes
i just adore these worlds you create, even the ones you don't seem particularly excited about. that you complete these weekly in addition to the polycarb renderings, and in spite of your very full plate... is inspiring.  thank you, Q-Rosh

I really enjoyed this, some great organic sounds, love the textures and the clicks, they add a lot of depth to the mix

Nice track! I agree about the textures and the clicks and the organic sounds. It has a very pleasant atmosphere while also being sonically engaging.

This track brought me some much needed inner peace. Thank you. heart

a cool and trippy journey, this music is somehow very fitting for relaxing in the evening with the fan running as the light fades and the apartment cools down

Very calming and surreal, I drifted away. But the sink monster came, I smiled then, I like the sink monster.

One of my favorites this week! Reminded me of stuff like Pole and Vladislav Delay:)

Our sink monster is our new cat Agnes, she has started reaching down the bathroom sink and then pulling up weird black junk, gotta get a stopper for the sink monster! She's a funky cat. For now we close the bathroom at night lol. She goes wild at night.

Love the warm bubbling feel this has early on.  When those deep bassy guitar tones kick in ooof such a wonderful complete sound to my ears.  Makes for an excellent way to wind down after an exhausting day.  The progression around 3:50 is extra appreciated as it sort of slowly winds down.  Hopeful mood change at 4:33, feels like I just opened the blinds to a beautiful sunset.  So many cool textures in this.  A wonderful journey, thank you

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