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Future echos of regret

By Phil Harmonic on January 14, 2024 1:16 pm

For now though, it's good.
- Devieus

Nothing to regret here, this had me hooked for all 3 minutes.

Gorgeous, punchy, bold, groovy - there's so much I love about this. Definitely a new favorite for me! heart

When that bass hit... ~( °٢° )~ SOOOOO good... and that chord change at 2:06 (〜^∇^ )〜

Great arrangement! Lots of interesting chord changes/transitions. So good!

That's some killer bass! Nice work smile

Offt - nice synth stack / combo :-)

Damn, this is awesome. I don't usually like electronic music but this is great. Very interesting texturally and excellent melody to keep me digging it all the way through

Fire track. Such an interesting arp that continues to build upon itself, morphing and guiding the rest of the track in so many beautiful directions. The synth selection is perfect.

Big ol' retro SciFi Vibes. Dig it!

this sounds amazing, really hot synth sounds

I wish this is what Dr who music sounded like!

theemeraldruby wrote:

I wish this is what Dr who music sounded like!

well the music for doctor who is pretty awesome too smile
check this out..   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zhv5GVexW2E

This, really is tremendous from beginning to end. The sound design is awesome.

I did enjoy the scifi vibe of this track. The mix is great. You are asking for constructive feedback - I am thinking that maybe some more dynamics in the track in terms of volume or energy might take it to the next level, but i'm looking hard for flaws there.

Truly interstellar

i don't always listen to Dalekcore, but when i do, I listen to Phil.

loved it, really nice pieces all playing well together. you make it look easy. thanks for the great listen.

Yes, going to tantalizing places through this, beat got me, melody soaring. I like the The title is intriguing ... no regrets today after going on this trip.

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