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Disappoint Me Now

By Phil Harmonic on March 31, 2024 11:13 pm

yet another quickie made in 3 hours before deadline.. enjoy..
13/8 time for week 13

(I realize the vocals are mixed a little low .. didn’t have time to fix before the deadline )


I'm Let down
you disappoint me now
Delusion's lost
Like a feverish dream. 

13/8 AND it swings? 🤯

It’s so… growly and crunchy. Favorited.

The gritty synth from the begging with the melody that comes in shortly after and the other layers, soooo good. Really digging this. Especially the time signature and snare placement . Favorited

love the odd time groove.

That synth bass and beat still hit hard. Not disappointed in the least by this one. heart

can't count this high. sounds normal. nice beat and groove, nice bass, nice mix even the vocal - too low in this case just means it's more subtle and need more listens to really get it. great for 3h that's for sure!

While I'm no stranger to weird time signatures, 13/8 is a tricky one to pull off, and you did a great job. Sounds really tight!

As for your request to disappoint you, I don't know, how about this: I failed at Taco Tuesday yesterday.

As far from a disappointment as possible.

You disappoint me, this is too good. Do it again.
- Spider

nice beat!

this sux


are you disappointed?

okay now i like it

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