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Out Of My Hands

By orangedrink on April 26, 2024 11:57 pm


Audio works licensed by author under:
CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA)

How fun!  Frank did a great job!  It was fun to see how the patterns changed as he adjusted a dial here or pushed a button there.  He seemed to have a good sense of when to change things up.

Such mesmerizing patterns. big_smile And so cool to see Frank taking the wheel.

Awww Frank!! This was sweet. What's the rainbow box on the right?

Heeeeyyyy!!! This is great!!! Happy to see Frank jamming ❤️❤️❤️
The title of the song didn't click for me until I actually saw it overlaid on top of Frank's face, hahahahaha... Great job, really enjoyed the more ambient vibe this went for. Looking forward to more Frankly Beats!

Frank was the beatmaker all along, Orange lore major plot twist. That being said, these cyclic patterns are ASMR to my ears.

dude! only heard this and came to say NICE. cool laid back crescendo. gotta listen again for more details

awesome when bass comes along
no idea what's going on rhythmically but it's embodied somehow like it goes into my body if that makes sense
like those weird cicada noises that sometimes happen behind the main beat from pete rock or j dilla or so
Frank so funny too haha big_smile great job both of you!

Loved this, such a cool thing to see Frank jamming out for a weeklybeat!

Way to go Frank! Was a joy to watch and listen to this one smile

yikes yikes yikes

Yais go Frank!  That had some hypnotic feels to it with the grittiness of the synth pad to those arpy plucky sounds.  Very organic sound!  High fives to all! \m/ \m/

oh my word every time Frank smiles & giggles my heart soars...

was he picking what to trigger or did he have a cheat sheet/were you giving instructions? 
this is a really fun track! real head nodder

BEST heart

I must say I loved that performance. The music was interesting, enjoyed that white noise a lot against the beat. But Frank delivered - he is like an experience martial arts teacher, who does not do any unnecessary moves - he just moves the right button at the right time. And then stares into the audience soul. I want Frank to preside at Zen meditation sessions, sitting with the octatrack in front of 30 zen monks sitting in lotus while watching a sand garden.

assault the senses, where are we, tumble tumble. Frank for the win, stoic against the chaos.

Brilliant! Frank just chill and cool as usual, changes things up like a bawse, then the cutest smile in the end. The song was cool, almost a little unnerving, displaceatizing.

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