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Bathing in Blue

By Nicholas on January 21, 2024 11:59 pm

Phoning it in this week. I didn't really have time to sit down and work on a "real" track. This was some random noodling I decided to record a video of to send to someone. It's not even line-out, just the phone mic suspended near the right monitor. So: pretty distorted and unbalanced sound, and even includes the awful clicking and clacking of the Korg M3-88 keybed (weighted + polyphonic after-touch 😎 [not used]); sorry.

Title comes about because my partner was drawing a bath at the time, which you can hear for a bit in the beginning before the water is shut off. A bath bomb was thrown in, and the water was very, very blue.

Really nice vibe.

honestly i like the low fi recording, it's nice to hear the fingers on the keys, feels like it's being played just for me, engaging

Room recording of live playing beats line-in every time

First thought I had when hearing the soft sounds was that this song actually sounds blue! I actually find hearing those button-press sounds kind of refreshing, like you can hear you creating the song

I think the recording method somehow captured the Blueness perfectly 💙

The clicking and clacking is what makes it feel so real.

Oh dang, this is so pretty. I really liked the vibes here. As I mentioned on discord, I'm quite partial to sad piano music, so this Hits the spot, hahahahaha... And if this is "phoning it in", well damn... I'm envious! Hahahaha... Nicely done!

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