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Server Hard Down

By NeonRebar on June 28, 2024 8:47 pm

Server hard down, kernel panic, unexpected error, network link inconsistent, beacon failure, disk stiction, carrier sense mismatch, i/o error, driver conflict, registry error, corrupt EOF pointer, boot error,

Ever get one of those calls in the middle of the night that some critical system is down and failover didnt work and now you have to drive to a data center out near the airport and you're pretty sure this was caused by last minute crap that some other department ordered without giving time for testing and the dev's just pushed it through cuz they dont really care and never have to fix their handiwork (damage) and its really fukin cold in the data center and you ran out without a hoodie and now you're going to freeze while you pull everyone elses ass's out of the fire (again) but working unheralded miracles behind the scenes is standard fare for your job (and thank god's for Gardettos and coffee or Mountain Dew from vending) and you've been saving and investing wisely so you can one day leave it all behind and just write and record music all-day everyday?
Well, I have and that is what I do now. Heres some more of my quickly dashed off stuff  to keep exercising skillz and learning better mixing thru chemistry(creative)

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CC Attribution Share Alike (BY-SA)

Mate that's the best verbal journey ever to accompany a WB entry surely. Love the tune, had the two of us listening bopping in the kitchen (not, I'm sure, a relative reaction that occurred during *server hard down* )

Phew! That description hits a bit too close to home. Glad that's in the past. Good luck with it. At least the track came out rad tongue

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