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By nedsferatu on June 27, 2024 12:50 pm

I missed last week (oh no!) but back this week with an Amen banger. This is just TD-3, Renoise, and MY amen break.

I finally got my own copy of Amen, Brother by the Winstons 45 which I had been thinking about for a long time considering how much I have used the break in music this year. I paid $7 and my copy was very clean in my opinion, really couldn't have asked for more.

I really didn't expect much to be different from using the 45 considering i had recorded the break off of streaming in the past and figured this would feel similar. I was blown away by what it was like to play and record the break off of my own stereo. I feel like it sounds better than anything i've tried before and it was so rewarding to work with it in this way. For me, it has more clarity and presence, and it was easier to EQ and shape into what I wanted. The whole experience felt more organic and less forced than working with the same break had felt to me in the past. Super cool and very glad i did it.

I am sorry this is not very copyright kosher, but any copyright action on the Amen break would have to be brought against tens of thousands of tracks at this point so I feel safe hiding in the crowd. In general, I am moving my music towards copyright free breaks so this will only be a treat every now and then.

Thank you for the recommendations on dissonance, it was incredibly helpful, i feel very grateful. I will be trying these things out in the near future.

Congrats to everyone for making it half way! it's been a trip with you all and looking forward to closing out this year strong!

(don't mind the dust, i did actually clean it thoroughly before recording)

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When you said it was yours, I was half expecting you recording it on a drum kit, or at least putting in a DAW

Love pulling it from vinyl yourself. It’s a bop. I love how the 303 line is like a guitarist that just can’t make his fingers stop.

WOW, I love the effort you took, to go back to the vinyl version. To experience sound benefits and the sonic superiority is the proof that not everything in the past was bad. Congratulations and thanks for this energetic ride.

Frenetic lead you got there.

Break sounds clean AF.

Amazing. It sounds so good! Like I can't believe how good, like I feel like I've never heard a proper amen break before, holy crap this was worth the effort! Track sounds so clean as always, and I love the lead.

The history of sampling and music is subversive and necessarily so. The spectre of modern copyright paranoia is a modern phenomena - you are standing amongst a legion of musicians throughout history that would absolutely support and applaud your every endeavour here. Be proud to carry that mantle.

Amen? What's that? never heard of that break before tongue

Nice chopping.

This is so cool! Love the process and what you've created. Killer

Yeah this beat sounds amazing! I like that the drums are really allowed to shine in this track as a focal point. The synth's pair really nicely as well.

Checking in to give this awesome track a little more hype and see where you at, it's been a minute!

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