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Aurora Whispers

By miraclemiles on June 9, 2024 11:50 pm

A mellow situation. Weather getting hotter, time to cool down and watch the floaty lights ebb and flow.

Production notes:
Finally got around to updating the Deluge with the community firmware, and installed Boards of Deluge v1 pack. Sweet. Some cool new features and sounds. But once again, didn't make enough time (again) to make music. So a quick jam in a mellow, kinda tired weekend mood. Checked out the new sounds and a few new features (but just scratching the surface). Recorded into Ableton. Added a couple extra sounds. Speed up, slow down = fun. Another one done at least. Not too excited about it, but some sounds I like, and I'm setup to have more fun on the Deluge too. Next week: time management, maybe get something started early. Goals!

Audio works licensed by author under:
CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA)

whoa, the mellowness is definitely palpable in the first half -- the speeding up threw me for a loop! a good one.

These are joyful sounds you are playing with. There is an arpy one, I like especially. Melting the time grid is a good thing.

Really cool sounds and I like the mellower vibe.  It does feel like a celestial light show.  Were you able to see the recent auroras?

Lovely sounds throughout.  Feels like I'm about to dock my ship with a giant space station smile

i'm so into this, lovely sound choices and mix!

Feeling like floating in space, then traveling through an asteroid belt trying not to hit any rocks when it speeds up

Digging all the elements here, especially the uh, percussive synthy sounds? starting around 0:25. Really cool how the tempo is changing throughout the song and how it all comes slowly to a stop at the end, a really nice payoff. Like I took a boat or train trip and getting to my destination.

Oh great sounds in this one! The intro literally grabbed me with the wailing synth/pad. Mellow textures all around, developing organically. This is the sound that plants make when they grow, if you multiply the speed by 1,000.

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