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Technical Perfection

By Minnamari on July 6, 2024 9:39 pm

A one-take of me + my ukulele contemplating my relationship with technical perfection.

Some slams in the background courtesy of our upstairs neighbors who seem to love moving (or throwing?) furniture around every night, but let's say that only adds to the ambiance of the home recording.

Technical Perfection
stares me in the face
Technical Perfection
won't avert its gaze

And I... I just want to be free
to express as me

But what does it even mean
to be free
to be me
to express as me

Technical Perfection
always just out of my reach
Technical Perfection
Seems to really love to preach
or just teach

But why... does it need me
to believe it's real
if it's actually real?

And why... Does it need me to feel
that I need to be what it wants me to be?

Technical Perfection
wants to put me in my place
Because Technical Perfection
doesn't actually have a face

It's that thing... We reach for
with our minds
telling us that we're blind
or just behind
while it's Technical Perfection
that doesn't have a third eye
And it can't smile
or cry

Technical Perfection
is not for me to attain
Technical Perfection
doesn't see the beauty of tears or rain
or pain

Technical Perfection
you lonely, fragile thing
Technical Perfection
your heart seems to be missing

But I... I can give you mine
and together we can cry
about all the times
when our hearts were taken apart
trying to fix
what doesn't need fixing

Everything is not meant to be
Technical Perfection
at least not me
when I try
to be free
to express imperfectly

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Copyright All rights reserved

An overwhelming perfect imperfection. This track should be the qualifying examination for every music school. Another highlight of your oeuvre. Thanks

Really liking this atmosphere, just-uke instrumentation, singing, and the overall flow. Great stuff!

I love this so much, great atmosphere and performance. favorited

Really beautiful track. Really strong lyrics

I sadly wasn't familiar with your work before, so it was most striking to me when this really honest Nico-esque vocal take came through my speakers. So fragile and so clean...

Pretty bold move. Impressive

Love these lyrics, really thought provoking and powerful. The subtle, raw, delicate delivery.  It flows and mesmerizes, then when you emphasize certain words at times it stands out so much. Thank you for the moments.

thank you for this lovely song and recording.
very relatable. more and more i've been working on letting the song show me what it wants to be. it can be tough when i have a sound i am imagining and i can't quite get there, but at the end if the day what matters most to me is if the feeling comes through. you are so good at that - transmitting feeling through your music. thank you again

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