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By LOHTANGCLAN on February 9, 2024 5:59 pm

Here's the 2nd week of M8 FM-only shenanigans. Hopefully it sounds a bit more FM-y, I felt like last week's FM track still sounded as if I could have made it using Wavsynth. Overall I think I achieved the type of kick & hats I wanted. The snare-ish sound ended up more like a clap-snare hybrid, but sort of works.

The lead/bass part was subconsciously inspired (I had to dig through a bunch of old downloaded music folders to figure out what it was!) by a band that were mostly around in 2008/9 called Autokratz. On their Down & Out in Paris and London EP, there's a track called Reaktor which I always liked and completely forgot about until I went on my hunt for what might have inspired me. I miss this kind of music quite a lot, but I suppose in my mind and heart I know that it's quite a product of that era.

No bitcrushing/drive from the OP1-Field this week! I used Izotope Neutron on each track of the 7 stems, which I don't think did much ultimately & then Ozone on the master to give everything a bit of a whack.

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Holy damn, this was done using nothing but the FM Synth on the M8? It sounds amazing!!!! I'm truly amazed at this! The speed changes are also super fun! Damn I'm so envious of your M8 skills, hahahaha... Fantastic job!!!

Impressive sound design-wise. Love the tempo changes.

This is so bad ass. Reminds me of an epic monster battle!

Awesome! Great sound design! I’m terrified of the FM synth on the m8, but this has inspired me to at least give it a go for one week!

dancramp wrote:

Awesome! Great sound design! I’m terrified of the FM synth on the m8, but this has inspired me to at least give it a go for one week!

Highly recommend impbox's tutorials on youtube, or just to mess around with the really easy FM algorithms first( A+B+C+D, or A>B + C>D) The way I like to think about it is that you're either smooshing one wave form onto another (>) or just adding it to the resultant sound (+). Level is just the amplitude of that wave form, feedback is like cranking it up. Then you just tweak certain aspects like the level or feedback using either LFO's or trigger envelopes. Eg a snare might have a high pitch sine quickly followed by a white noise with quick release.

Thanks everyone for listening! I've got composer's block for this following week haha

all those simultaneous tempo + filter + key changes are so cool. really confuses my brain.

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