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Rivers of Blood

By Kedbreak136 on June 30, 2024 12:44 am

Another abstract track. I am enjoying making these. The production is more about exploring landscapes that inspire me and tap into more abstract, yet direct emotions. I always loved the movie Lost Highway by David Lynch, its nightmarish structure and deep anxiety that comes from its music, punctuated with free jazz.

The track itself was directly inspired by a section of the book 1Q94 by Murakami. I was reading a chapter as I was waiting full of anxiety for the dentist to call me into her office. In that very scene, one of the characters who is a strange mix of a taciturn butler and probably a highly skilled hitman, talks about the very grotesque death that came upon his dog. It's all about the unsaid. About how his taciturn stance does not betray any emotion, but deep deep within there are oceans of fury bubbling, and a silent voice. "There will be blood, rivers of blood".
It might sound a bit John Wick-ish, but it's not cartoonish in a John Wick way. It's much deeper and human. I recommend the book by the way.

It's tense and dark and even has a couple of jump scares in it.  It could easily be the soundtrack to a nightmare.  In a good way, of course.


Ohhh that dark brooding tone is awesome but that lurking high octave string off in the distance is eeeeeeeeEEERIE! Oh jump scare! yikes *wipes coffee spill off shirt*   Those strings sound like they're percolating and bubbling.  This def got the remaining hairs on my head standing and checking my back.  Excellent mood skilz. Those last few seconds give off a strong visual of slow pooling crimson blood.. maybe cuz of your description but daaaang mission accomplished!

bookmarking as a reminder to come back. i'm not ready yet  smile

Perfect track for Halloween submission!

Ambiance anxiogène, le titre m'a tout de suite fait pensé a la scène dans "The Shining" et ça pourrait très bien marcher...

Listening to this on headphones, that bass has a living animal like quality, ominous and waiting for something to reach out, almost thought I was going to get hit by a huge synth stab at the end.  The book sounds interesting, thanks for the recommendation.  Maybe not the best thing to read before your appointment, as a dentist the last thing we want is an extra nervous patient.

i need a hug now.
really nice sound design, Kedbreak136!
Murakami is a hell of a writer, but i can't recall if i read1Q94 or not. i should check, it's been a while since i've read anything by him.
hope all is well with the teeth!

I love the plucks that come in around 1:54, adds a great sense of creeping dread... also has a little bit of a Danny Elfman vibe to it in that section... creepy, but playful... with a sense of impending chaos.  Very nice textural piece, it would work as horror or psychological thriller score quite well. 

heavy vibes, this was fun. I have wanted to read that book. I like the little spooky piano bit that comes in kinda random. Love the atmosphere here. I used to work with a guy who started a little team inside joke about bathing in blood, we'd say well time to bath in blood mf'ers, let's do this. That was fun, I appreciated him. Lots of blood drop emojis in our slack.

That is some dark underground bass exploration after the radiation sickness has taken over the surface vibes. How long will my batteries last?

More of this please!  Love the underlying string tension with the brooding swells.  An uneasy build into uncertainty.

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