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saw sharpening

By jbarket on March 24, 2024 2:46 pm

this week was largely an experiment in saw sharpening. I fell down the rabbit hole of experimenting with live 12's updates to shaper, midi tools, et cetera. it's less dynamic than I really wanted, but it has its moments.

OMG I love the pads through out, and that arp that comes in at 0:41... so, I don't... crispy... not sure what's happening there but the filter sounds amazing.  Instant favorite. 

The saw is perfectly in tune, but it is on fire
- Ebrit

Yeah, once I am done with the friend with a Robot project, I shall install live 12 and do some "Loop based" tracks and check out what is new on Live 12, heard lots of praise for the "Roar?" saturation fx.

I have a push 1 laying on my desk which is pretty much un-used since a while...

Nice orchestration, I liked your track. Nice vox pad on the latest section. ooooooahhhhh!

delightful bass(es), really loved listening to this, makes my brain go brrrrrrrrr. favorited and downloaded

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