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increment Eight

By increment on February 25, 2024 10:19 am

This year, I am taking a bit of an Agile approach, working on breaking down one long continuous composition or album into 1-3-minute delivery chunks, ideas, and motifs flowing from one track to the next. I am drafting future ideas several weeks in advance, refining the next release or two, and finishing one track every week.

This increment is a breakdown of ideas, moving away from the driving four on the floor to develop interest. The cut-up percussion bits and parts that interplay throughout the track bring some contrast to a lot of the track preceding this... well at least that's the idea smile

Agile is overrated, we are back to Kanban with ceremony every 3 weeks... (with a quick scrum everyday still) wink Fuck commitment, just take the top priority ticket and kill it.

More seriously, it is nice that you have an organized way to get those track done.

Well done.

djippy wrote:

Fuck commitment, just take the top priority ticket and kill it.

Isn't the entire fun avoiding the top priority task as long as possible? That's what playing RPGs all my life taught me! Give me the sidequests!!1!

The music fragment this week is very intriguing, it's clearly a build towards something but since it's a minute only we don't hear what it builds towards so it's anticipation without the payoff. Sounds great, as if somebody's breaking into a bank, but we don't know if they succeeded. Cliffhanger ending.

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