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I sold my soul

By horatiuromantic on February 18, 2024 10:34 pm

I made a deal with the devil. Now I gotta pay. Featuring me on e piano, moog bass, and 5 backing vocals, and Levi on the drums (the famous drummer from garage band and logic). Not sure the effects are ideal but the sound seems ok for the time spent.

I started around 8.30pm today, after a couple of hours of playing earlier but with no good inspiration. I feel like I could have done way more with it but a track is a track. After all, I couldn't miss one, I already sold my soul to WB. Criticism and ideas for improvement are welcome!


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those backing vocals and e piano are especially tasty

Those back harmonies are great. I quite like the moog bass and this logic drummer play way tighter than me and his drums are probably not as "unique" as mine but sounds better recorded for sure... smile

Good enough! 

Love the backing vocals and the bass line. Also the idea is pretty good for the time you spent on it. The effects on the vocals are cool. With more time you could add a different section or something but … Sounds great!l and solid!

Hell yeah man, this is funky as hell.  Love the bass and the backup vocals!

Nice job!

Backing vocals sound so ethereal! E-piano and moog bass are so tasteful. Levi nailed the vibe pretty well too.

Fantastic!! The vocals add so much vibe. Really love this track.

Love the combination of the funky instrumentation, and the folky-dreamy something backing vocal, don't really know how to describe it, but it's a cool contrast.

i like the vocals!

Oh yeah that moog! I like how the opening line is such a stark contrast with the playful and warm moog sound. And then you have those vocal layers. I also like this format of track, channeling a warm atmosphere, with your cheeky lyrics. And of course the nice vintage electric synth sound is just so tasty. You really have managed to create a sound, with tracks that are unmistakbly yours - this is the most important thing!

I love the chorus in the background, it feels very soothing, and sacred somehow.

i have a friand who sold his soul in D&D, then he killed the devil he sold it too, just like how you killed this weeks song

Cursory wrote:

Backing vocals sound so ethereal! E-piano and moog bass are so tasteful. Levi nailed the vibe pretty well too.

No devil wouldn't take this as payment.
- Raioh

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