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hello sadness

By home taping association on March 11, 2024 12:01 am

as always with 2024 - started at 11pm.  saw what I had by midnight.  messed around with my Yamaha sk20.  probably what made the intro feel like a rip from Sigur ros.  didn't realise how gratuitous it was until I listened back - sorry!

had fun with my polarbear effects drowner, which gives that huge bit crushed fuzz sound.

there is a bass vi somewhere lurking in the background too.

Warmness surrounded me for Pi time.

Love that fuzz effect so much. Really unexpected but fits so well.

really nice atmosphere, love the guitar tone so much

Nothing wrong with a Sigur Rós ripoff, I mean, inspiration! I myself went with a post-rock band tribute this week, only I didn't actually tribute with a post-rock track.

Good effort, especially for such a short session! This is pleasant (until the clamor comes in haha) and I get quite a bit of an American Football vibe from this. And with a Bass VI you could go all "Disintegration" on this, too.

I can't tell whether there are vocals in there beyond the fuzz, and I love it. Very nice sound.

Very solid result in such a short production time. Glad you made it.

i quite like this  heart

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