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A Very Long Preset

By halfbyte on March 8, 2024 9:59 am

For a while I wanted to do some actual ambient work. When playing around with the release version of Ableton 12 and the new Granulator III, I stumbled across this preset called Piano Quartz that on its own already started like half of a Nils Frahm song. (Don't worry, I don't want to belittle Nils Frahm, the other 50% are 99% of the work, and also, I love his music). It feels a bit like a cheat, but the result is quite soothing I think. I added some well hidden drums, some rainy ambience and a bit of noodling.

I know this is probably a bit of a downer after last weeks track, but I darn well do what I want here smile

Funny side note: My once beefy desktop machine can't handle the 3-4 voice Granulator, I had to freeze the track which is fun on an 8 minute track.

Another funny side note: Standard encoding out of Ableton was resulting in a file too big for Weeklybeats.

Audio works licensed by author under:
CC Attribution Share Alike (BY-SA)

Wow, you're right, this does sound like a complete track. A sophisticated whitenoise machine with gorgeous resonances. I appreciate the noodling and the delicate drums. I was expecting a passionate piano solo in the finale but I guess you said it's only half a Nils Frahm song. Fair enough!

I'm excited to try Live 12 but first I need to finish an ongoing project. I don't trust there not being any differences in behavior between versions so I'll maybe get to it in April!

Love this. Really effective in its minimalism and stays engaging the whole way though. The production and mix sound great. Nicely done!

Love this so much! I feel like this week there's been a lot of ambient type tracks. This has been one of my favorites to listen to.

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