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We meet again, World!

By haleja on February 11, 2024 7:03 am

So I thought it would be an easy(?) week if I took something I had previously written and attempt to reimagine(?) it.
I don't really know where to start so I'll just brain dump some dot points.

- Kin to my 2022 "Hello, World!"
- Wanted to do a "what would it sound like if I did X song in 2024, how will it compare to the 2022 version?"
- Spent 80% of my time relearning guitar parts so I could rerecord them.
- I'm a better instrumentalist compared to jan 2022, I recall how hard the ending was to play then, much easier now.
- First time experimenting with 100% panning
- Trying to double track the bendy lead melody lines was brutal. I'm sure I can get them better with time, but alas.. weeklybeats!
- I used the drum midi I recorded back in '22, however still dropped several hr into tweaking the velocities. AD2 doesn't have the right E-kit that I use so there's a case of picking a kit that's close and massaging the rest of the midi mapping to get it working.
-So many tracks (usually I have 3 (Drum Bass Gtr), or 4 if I need 2 for guitar tones.)
Guitar (rhy) C
Guitar (lead) 70L
Guitar (lead) 70R
Guitar (lead) 100L
Guitar (lead) 100R
Drums C
Bass (clean) 50L
Bass (dirt) 50R
Piano (clean) 30L
Piano (lead hmny) 30R

- I wanted to develop the structure and add new parts but absolutely didn't have the time.
- Really hard to envision new parts too (which I thought would be easy), I assume there is an element of nostalgia and my brain wanting the song to stay the same way that it was.
- I think I like this version more, with the caveat that the original has some magic I didn't manage to recreate.
- ^ I want to find that missing magic, so there may be another one in '26 haha.

- I got lazy mastering and didn't compare it to other tracks, just aimed for -10 lufs or so. Turns out it's perceivably quiet. Lesson learnt lol.

Really interesting idea to re do an idea, and see how you have changed as well as the music could! Still the piano break into the guitar section is the bomb

this sounds quite epic, the guitar parts are amazing, congrats

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