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Changing stride / Pretty lady

By haleja on July 7, 2024 7:34 am

Not sure what to say about this one. I keep pushing my limits (my comfort zone, really) and I keep writing wacky songs. I thought this would end up with a heap of overdubs and layers, but it ended up as just 4 tracks (Guitar/Bass/Drums/Vox). I found it pretty challenging to mix.

---Verse 1---
Pretty lady, standing there looking real good
I can't stand it, gotta make a move yes I should
sparks flying, everything is good on this day
could it be love? well its hard to say
hope we don't loose our way

heartbreaker, tell me why we cant get along
I don't get it, I know what's best and don't see what's wrong
bla bla bla bla, I've heard it all before can you see
I don't think there is anything wrong with me
yet here we are, how could this be

---Verse 2---
I think I get it, needed to look deeper inside
my fundamental processes are flawed by design
self awareness doesn't mean a damn thing
without the insight to challenge my subconscious mind
let me be redefined

endless puzzle, all the pieces same shade of grey
making changes, in this land of disarray
cant tell what needs to go and what needs to stay
all I know is you don't really like me this way
so its time to make a change for a new day

I lay there with you in my mind
thinking about all those times
we could not see eye to eye
there's no way this is goodbye
Im not giving up without a fight

I must learn to step real light, if I don't want that bird to take flight
I'm more than happy to change my stride
it just comes at the cost of pride
a small price to  pay to have you by my side
the hardest change I'll make, ill make for you

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