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Big Tall Man

By gunnbr on February 4, 2024 9:20 pm

This week, I really wanted to do an upbeat tune like game intro. Some things worked, some things didn't. I did remember to voice record some ideas, but one of those turned out to be in 3/4 time so it was a big mess when I tried to integrate it into what I already had.

The track I ended up with is called "Big Tall Man" because that's the words that came to my mind when working on the melody:
    He's a big, tall man
    With a big tall plan
    And he's coming for your life

While the track is not amazing, here are some things I think worked well for me this week:

  • Listened to some C64 tunes and then was able to replicate the arpeggio "ping" sound well enough that I liked it.

  • Successfully used the C64/LSDJ technique of putting percussion and some tonal instruments on the same voice in a way that sounds alright.

  • Made some chiptune style drums that are "okay". I'm sure I can do better, but these turned out alright for now.

  • Once I had some musical ideas, I was again able to get them in the M8 reasonably successfully without using a MIDI keyboard. I had to slow down the beat in my head and sing to myself and I was able to figure out where to put the notes to match what I wanted.

And the things I need to keep working on:

  • Making cohesive ideas that all blend well together.

  • Making music that flows nicely from verse to chorus and between different variations.

  • Expanding my sound to have more than just a couple of instruments at once.

  • Organizing my melody into phrases that sound good.

  • Still even just making real song structure with verses and choruses.

  • Getting my songs done quickly enough so that I still have time left in the week to practice guitar.

Audio works licensed by author under:
CC Attribution Noncommercial (BY-NC)

I feel like I just beat the game! Very nostalgic of how good it felt to finally beat video games back in the day.

I'm totally down for trying LSDJ/C64 techniques on M8—loving those background arps!  I also dug the kick sound (sounds slightly loose, which is a cool effect).  If you feel leveling up chip drums some more, check out defmech's intense tech article or video on the LSDJ noise channel (or just ask about techniques in the M8 discord)—that made a huge difference for me at the start of the year.

I need to try the voice recorder thing some time

This man may be big and tall, but his theme is kinda cute
- Ebrit

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