For once i got my track in early in the week which now seems a long time ago. Made a very analog sounding  and mostly generative patch with some light improvisation on top. Time lag accumulation, variable delays, reverse tape, and more. Enjoy.


Skueue wrote:

I like the track and the visuals (although minimal) gave me a sense of being there in the room, I got nostalgic sensations of putting on a tape which suited the music quite well, I especially like that you didn't cut it short and kept the unloading of the tape at the end


This clip successfully sets out to do everything that (I think) was intended, so there is nothing to add or remove, good work!

Thank you very much! I was pleased with the result overall and the process. I think musically things could have been more interesting with more work at the very beginning of the process (before the various tape transformations). In any case I appreciate the kind words and feedback as always!

I actually made a video for Week 4. And by made, what I really mean is wore a gopro while doing a live recording haha.
I hope to have enough time some weeks to make an actual video like some of the awesome ones I've seen in this thread.

Totally didn't see this thread.  I've only done two vids so far... both a bit sloppy, but hey, mostly live jams.

Digitakt Live Jam (first time I've used it)

Korg Sample Bass Jam

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Video of week 5 performance recording. All in the box.

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Hey everyone, another week with no video to show due to moving house and cleaning out the old one

I'll get back to posting videos, and also doing mini reviews of everyone else's videos probably next-next week once I have internet and time again (still getting tracks done every week tho)

my week 5 entry, a solo performance on the new elektron digitone FM synthesizer/groovebox smile

For fans of darkness.

Just noodling this week.  A study in how bass lines change things (mainly?) - it did have a part 2 that brewed in my brain, but didn't have time.  SO is more just a jam / test but it'll do!

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week 6: … sing-space

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Experimented with analog frequency modulation this week:

Gonna try to keep making videos regularly. Maybe not weekly, but we'll see..

This was actually an upload for last week, but I've just moved house and had no net

Some bad stuff happened this week so I didn't get anything done for this one

Skueue - Sneeb Eight

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Another Tracker Track
Skueue - Plink Seven

I went to the squaresounds chiptune festival as I was writing this so this is tonnes more dance oriented content than usual

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So I'm trying to integrate visuals with my composition process every week. My music is a little week due to learning how my VJ software works. I think I've got the basic jest of it figured out, so next week won't be so difficult.

Finished a music related vlog for this weeks video entry