^^^ Alistair - THAT IS AMAZING AMAZING right there!  You can just hear the vibe of the session jumping out of the speakers. Hell yeah.

This one is actually one of my personal fav bits of guitar - apart from the Vai wank factor (which I personally take a huge amount of inspiration from) - this is a beautiful and very un-obvious solo with some insanely clever modal and chordal transitions.  This guy and virt probably my two hugest influences.   

ps.  Stop it when he starts singing - it pretty much goes down hill at that point.  (apologies for it not being an embedded clip)

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One of my favourites by guthrie govan

My roots are on punk rock. This is a finnish, other one plays acoustic guitar, other drums with extraminimal setup. I really relate to lyrics of this song too.

edit: This song also has many qualities I like in music. Its simple and to the point, charmingly sloppy/snotty and still very melodic.

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tough one... so much great stuff on youtube, I just opened up a youtube tab and saw one of the recommended videos is this one: … AAAAAAAABQ gorgeous sound, King Crimson is one of my favorites of all time. but I really just wanted everyone to listen to the mellotron ;P

actually no this is better hehe … re=related

Thanks for the edit. I wasn't very clear about this thread. Sorry smile

blows my mind every time

Knees and Bones by Controlled Bleeding … s%20lp.mp3

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Boards of Canada - Amo Bishop Roden


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Me. :3

That counts -- right? sad

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