I really love my little Shruthi1 / Midibox SID/FM triumverate. I wondered if anyone else was into building their own synth, thinking about trying it had any interesting hints or tips to share. For me, Tk just updated the midibox FM firmware making the Drumkits a whole bunch more useable. Working on a track using all FM drums again!

I do have a Sammich SID kit waiting to be built but I'm not a soldering expert so I'm waiting for the correct planet alignment (read, when my electronic know-it-all friend will have some time for me).
I'm really looking forward to try it!

http://nicksworldofsynthesizers.com/ Check this guy out. He makes his own synths some of which he used to play in a band called Pink Grease.

I'm building a synth into my old guitar body by distressing an integrated circuit and causing it to feedback on itself.  The pitch is controlled with a potentiometer.  It will be making an appearance on WB at some point

I built a xoxbox, was really fun, pretty easy and it works great! Get it from the guy that adafruit recommends in Thailand, he rules.

Building stuff is always fun!

I just built MeeBlip Micro, only the casing left to be done. I've built some Arduino stuff too, building stuff indeed rules.

I've built a few noise boxes/fx and I enjoy doing it but I just don't have time to get right into it unfortunately.

track this week was made with a Rockit 8bit :-)

I'm keen to make some DIY synths, sadly my knowledge so far only compasses some basic circuit bent toys.

I've had a Shruti-1, SammichSID and SammichFM sitting around for way too long, waiting for me to get some equipment and start work / Belfast Makerspace to actually get of the ground. sad

Buy a soldering iron and just start messing around! I love to do building by myself, its sort of like zen thing to do.. with lots of bad language thrown around.

i wish i was handier.  there are a lot of cool pcbs out there.

luckily i have a friend who will building modules for himself and is willing to build a couple extra for me..

I might take the plunge and try and build my sammichsid kit this coming weekend. I've been scared of destroying anything (a seemingly common occurrence for me when soldering hobby stuff) despite knowing what I'm doing overall soldering wise.

As a synth it seems ideal for me and I really hope it works.

I still have my sammichsid kit, but terrorfied of breaking it before I complete it!
Only got a few SID's left (to me, they feel like the last sids in the world) *obviously untrue* but still.

Still rocking out on Mssiah tho..

Go for it Aday, the sammich kit isnt that hard. I built it without help and I suck BALLS at soldering.