A thought, not official or anything, but how about have a thread for posting collab requests.
for example, I personally can collab in such a way:

have available: vocals and/or lyrics, chiptune (Nanoloop mobile, chipthrash mostly)
[email protected]

but say I had this song and the only thing in the world that could complete it was a tenor sax solo:

needed: tenor sax solo
(your contact info)

or, say I'm forever alone and don't wanna be alone no more:

collab: chiptuner looking for guitarist, f/hott/notacreeper

Obviously, this is for if you don't know someone who can fill your need. Just ask them if you know them.
The headings aren't necessary, but would make it easier to organize if there was a master list, which I could manage, I guess
yea, nea, meh?

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Cool idea!

have available: electric/bass guitar, ukulele, kazoo, casio sk-1, vocals/lyrics, tambourine, trombone (need at least one month notice)
e-mail via forum

i agree on this cool idea.

available: nord lead 3, ms2000, lots of chip, damn compressed house/dnb/ect drums

looking for: vocals, any sort of acoustic instrument (guitar, sax, oboe, any of that)

contact me if your interested via forum.

also id like to wait a few weeks into this before collabing, just to get more in the mood of a song a week

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i do: lsdj, famitracker, ableton, guitar, vocals, trumpet, synth (Korg-MS2000), and computer sampling/tracking (hopefully learning nanoloop soon too)

looking for: artists of any genre to make some crazy shit

ive got some WIP i could send your way, i can finish something youve got, or we can start from scratch.  Id also like to wait a couple weeks before jumping into a colab but i usually cant turn down a good idea ^^

reason 6 collab? apply within.

damn i didn't even know there was a reason 6 yet. i'm still rocking 3.

Yeah dudes! I have avaible: Chiptune, Vocals and Beatbox! It would be awesome for me to collaborate with someone whos better at chip, so i can push out my Throatvoice-wobbles!

Available: General DAW stuff (mainly FL Studio and Reason skillz), LSDJ, Famitracker, Guitar (electric, acoustic [nylon and steel string]), Bass, Mandolin, and Trombone.

We don't have PMs here huh?
edit: guess not, my email's in my profile.

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I'll assume this is the correct place to post my opinion on collaborations:

If people collaborate and all participants upload that track for their week then we'll have duplicates of the same song for some weeks. I think it probable that this will detract from the uniqueness/individualism of that weeks playlist if there are two or more versions of the same song. I also feel it will affect proper commenting and feedback for the track as well. If the collaborated track is first heard as Artist A's submission and I like/comment it will only be reflected on Artist A's profile. By the time I get to Artist B I would have already heard and track and won't even listen to it, let alone comment again.

I feel to avoid this potential submission duplication we should decide whether collaboration house rules are to apply. I propose 1 track per person collaborating so each artist has a submission each.


A way around is for each participant to agree from the outset who posts (featuring the collaborator), and whoever doesn't decides if they want to pump out another track or not. I'd even be tempted to break the 'song a week' dynamic for a collab and spend a couple working over it, so that it gets in the way as little as possible.

Then, the person that doesn't just adds a listing to their profile of songs they appear in, with links.

Seems the most sensible, if slightly cheating, way of doing it.

perhaps there is a way we could release a track with multiple artists attached to it.  im not sure if that breaks with the spirit of weekly beats or not, but it would be nice for collaborations if all parties could use that song as their weekly beat.

I think that the musicians involved should simply agree upon who gets to upload the track in their name. If this is something that is sorted out early on during the a given week, then I don't think there will be issues.

Spry, to me that somewhat breaks the spirit of Weekly Beats... but maybe that's just me.

Thursdaybloom, your suggestion works as well, but would be more effort to implement.

Well if you work on half a track and your collab partner works on the other, then having two people to work on two tracks equates to one track each. It works out well on paper. Now, I know Communism also seems a good idea in theory but not so much in practice, but I still think my idea isn't so bad. I hope that by mentioning Communism I've successfully made it seem like a comparatively great idea.

can do some vocals for someone's track. if you can provide lyrics, that'd be preferred. but if interested send me a message, if I can be at least given some lyrical direction that'd help. I don't have the greatest voice but can stay in key, do multitracking, fx, etc.

Reason 5 and FL studio. Contact me and don't be shy

i do my side and then make a score or it.

score may be a bunch of circles, words with time notation( 0:00trees 3:00ocean 5:45 bat shit crazy) or whatever.  i send the score to you.  you do your part of the track from that.  then we edit them together.

either one can go first to make the score.  but neither can hear the others music until the editing stage.

i use reaper and audiomulch

most likely won't be very musical but should be interesting.