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coolsa wrote:

you could also try and link it with the html url encoding bit, like so: https://weeklybeats.com/jupebox/music/i … -duster%21

its like how spaces in urls show up as %20 sometimes, an exclamation point is %21

i think that should work in most other situations.

That is ALSO a good workaround! Thanks to both of you for the help \o/


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Gab Manette wrote:

I don't know if the admins can change it but as a quick-fix in the meantime, you could use bitly (https://bitly.com/) to shorten (and thus change) your URL

Oh, that's a smart workaround. Thanks!


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I stupidly put an exclamation point at the end of my song title this week, and some contexts assume the ! isn't part of the url when I try to link to it. Is there any way to change the url for an submission after it's already uploaded and the new week has begun?

Thanks! o7

I cut it too close to the wire this week and I don't think it ended up submitting before the clock ticked over. Can I please also get a magic link? :'I

I was about to upload when I realized that muted tracks had been included in the exported file and missed the deadline neutral It's my bad, but can I have... a magic link anyway....

actually no my heck ups compounded and I'm still trying to fix stuff, so I'm gonna say I missed the deadline 100% on my own and shouldn't get a second chance, oops!!