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Forgot to post these. Here's Week Five.

And here's Week Six. Done with ZGameEditor Visualizer.

Better than I thought it would, tbh. Allowing myself the freedom to go down paths I wouldn't normally take (at least, not with ecso as a project) has been working really well. Week Six took a hard turn into weird dark territory, but I'm happy with the result and now I have a whole new interesting workflow. All because I didn't tell myself "no."

唱白 wrote:

Glad this post exists smile I missed week 3 and was really bummed about it.

Same but it helps me to think of this as less of a challenge and more of an excercise. I got mad stressed during 2018 trying to hit all the deadlines and just burned myself out. I'm at the very least starting and making progress on a new song each week, but if I can't finish then I can't finish.

PC, FL Studio 20, Behringer Model D, OP-1, SP-404 SX and an old Panasonic tape recorder that I haven't messed with yet. All going through a Scarlett 18i20.


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laguna wrote:

You made some fantastic killer beats last year. Hope to see more of that coming this 2020.

Thank you! I hope to definitely do more of that.


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My goal is simply to last longer than I did in WB2018 but, more importantly, not get so damn stressed about hitting the deadlines.