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I work almost exclusively with hardware, mainly analog stuff but lots of older digital too. I record everything to a Zoom R16 recorder to a SD card and do the mixing with a laptop. Sometimes I use Ipad synths too and also acoustic instruments... anything goes, the result is the law. I have nothing against software synths, but I think I try to keep the computer only in the end of the creative chain, so to speak. I spend quite enough of time with those at work and home too, like right now smile


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at the moment I am pretty sure that I will join in too for the second time. The first one was so educating and I surprised myself a number of times... I will be a bit busy with day job for the early part of the 2020, but I try to make that work for me musically smile


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But it will be only downhill from this week on... the first half is already done! Interesting to note that it seems every week has about 3-5 less uploads than the previous one. Seems there will not be many people standing after Xmas smile