Hey - i was performing last week's piece life on Sunday (deadline day!) and was planing to upload it but the recording did not work out sad
I recorded a studio version – can i have an upload link to not break my nice streak?


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0F wrote:

omg please subscribe I'm so close to 1000 subscribers

post your channels here and I'll subscribe back

Happy to be #965!


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Made a super cut of my 29 Jamuary pieces just now. This was a fun project.

Great site. Signed up!


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Experimented with analog frequency modulation this week:


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Video of week 5 performance recording. All in the box.


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Skueue wrote:

I like the track and the visuals (although minimal) gave me a sense of being there in the room, I got nostalgic sensations of putting on a tape which suited the music quite well, I especially like that you didn't cut it short and kept the unloading of the tape at the end


This clip successfully sets out to do everything that (I think) was intended, so there is nothing to add or remove, good work!

Thank you very much! I was pleased with the result overall and the process. I think musically things could have been more interesting with more work at the very beginning of the process (before the various tape transformations). In any case I appreciate the kind words and feedback as always!


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For once i got my track in early in the week which now seems a long time ago. Made a very analog sounding  and mostly generative patch with some light improvisation on top. Time lag accumulation, variable delays, reverse tape, and more. Enjoy.



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Three weeks, three tracks, three videos. This one won’t be the most exciting. In keeping with the music smile


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Skueue wrote:

really like the (presumably plonk or rings?) plucking sounds and the polyrhythms, the detuned sounding quiet melody part in the background adds a lot to the emotional quality of the sound

reminds me of:
the akira soundtrack

Possible directions you could have taken:
I'm interested to know how you would have taken this into another completely different 'section' if you wanted to create a strongly contrasting alternate "side" to the song, to create juxtaposition

Something I would do near the end is open up all the decay envelopes to max and really let the melodic content grow into something huge, perhaps reverb could do the trick too but it'd be a shame to smear out those beautiful transients, I'm keen to know what you think as far as progressing this piece into other 'sections' since when I used modular, it was the primary thing I struggled with

Wow. Thank you for the elaborate critique. Very much appreciated! The "wood blocks" are indeed from the excellent Plonk. The Akira "feel" is no accident–I got a gorgeous Vinyl edition of the sound track the other day. The title of this track is made up but loosely derived from Akira, too.

I have experimented with drastic modular variations within a track but it is challenging. Especially on a small system. I am mostly interested in building the machine that makes the music on the modular. You see me in the video making only very minor adjustments while the piece meanders all by itself. Traditional composition seems better suited for other instruments. 

I appreciate the feedback very much. I may attempt a more sectional piece in a future week!


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Week 2:

Should have used a fixed aperture.


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I don't think I will be making a video every week but I did make one for week one of 2018 just now:


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I may have taken on a little too much this year. Anybody else also doing Jamuary?
So far I have managed to keep up. Posting mine mostly on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kohlhofer/

Lots more to see and hear under #jamuary2018

Doh. I did not taken time zones into account and thought I had plenty of time till midnight. Should have remembered from 2016! Can I have a link to fix this one time ?

Many thanks!


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I am in! 2016 was great and I missed it in 2017.


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Followed you all. Also forgot to include my sound cloud profile: https://soundcloud.com/a-kohlhofer