now i've already forgotten to upload tracks 2 different weeks. shit haha. life is too hectic right now. but hopefully i will get back on track asap.

i hope to start uploading higher quality material than i've been doing so far lol. my year is off to an insane start with life.

it would've been 4 more! but i forgot to upload my track lol. i did do something for it too.

i messed up and thought the new deadline was on wednesdays lol. I made this album during week 2, recorded on january 10th … s-is-heard

here's what i did for week 2 … s-is-heard

i did get something recorded so I'll share the link once i upload the whole thing. here is last week's track now uploaded to bandcamp in a full album so you can hear the whole poly800 tribute thing i was working on:


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i used to do a lot of sequencing in FL Studio and some funking around with Ableton Live... but lately i'm using Reaper mostly to edit live performance on anything from a synth to a jazz band to psyche rock and also straight up ambient and experimental stuff.


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only 5 people uploaded to week one and it was in 2019? does that week even count?


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total prolificness


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2020 coming in hot

seems about right

rdomain wrote:

2 film scores and 2 sound design projects.  Also was writing new material for one of the heavy bands I'm in and preparing live tracks for an electronica duo project.

hooooo boy! that is radical awesome. it has been cool following the evolution of your work! i miss being in a heavy band. i find myself involved in all these duo experimental projects.

one is called Ampyre, which is sort of industrial ish performance art involving lots of female vocals and guitar drones.

then i'm in one called Reeling which i posted for this week here's the original demos for it.

and Tactile is my idm duo using futuristic beats and textural computer sounds blended with field recordings:

tac wrote:

i hadn't made music for like a year and im using weeklybeats to get back into it

that is really cool, yeah this site is great for upping your creative output, i have started quite a few different projects from posting ideas to WB.

idevourstatic wrote:

worshiping the black goat with 1000 young

i'll bet you are! LOL \m/,

antler wrote:

Another LSDJ track actually, just like all my WB18 entries thusfar. Released it on New Year's Eve, so that was quite literally "just before WB18 started up".

ha, that's cool! you have a leg up on us all! head start...

i recorded Electrician in mid december and had about 14 tracks, so i only used the 6 best movements out of that generation session. live performance recording i guess you could say, with some light post production.

it's nice to stay busy and working on stuff

I had just recorded an ep for my new Electrician all synthesizer project: … ician-ep-1 and finished mixing and mastering it a few days ago