I am really not a one set path kinda of person. I find enjoyment jumping from sound to sound. I hope to post more non-chip music this year. Ive been working on new types of music, 2014 will be year of experimenting for me i think. At the same time im writing 2xlsdj tracks so some of those might make debuts on here. In any case its going to be blank canvas for me, just the way i like it wink


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AHHHH shit son


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honestly, stick with fl. I think its the best. Alot people dont know how to really use it. Thats the problem, just really explore it more.


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The thing is, i make all types of music and i think way this site is set up, it makes me try and record all sorts of music over the course of a year. So i think im going to let my skill flow in this.

Im happy with my first track, i think a few things still probably need to be touched up but overall im happy with the final result. Im already working on my track for this week yayz!!! I think im going to include some guitar playing over some of electronic stuff soon.Rock music and electronic music have a similar edge to them and they can work nicely together. If you don't believe me listen to radiohead tongue