miraclemiles wrote:

Hi wonderful admins! could I get a late upload link for this week (44) please? My project export lagged and I missed deadline. Usually I miss this week due to the daylight savings time change in my part of the US, so its ironic I remembered the time change but had a bunk export smile !

https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 94b910a9c6

brian botkiller wrote:

Me, too!

sent in discord

Judgement Act wrote:

I'm a dummy and left mastering until the morning, but in the morning I forgot it was submission day big_smile
Could I please grab an upload link? I was doing so well!

sent in discord

Abludo wrote:

Hi, I'm really annoyed with myself - I got distracted writing the description and forgot to click submit until after the deadline sad Could I please get an upload link? I've been on such a good streak! Thanks so much in advance smile

here you go https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 38f4cffb52


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cortx wrote:

Hi, can I please change my name to 'cortx'? Picked fugue in a rush and found a great artist with that name afterwards..



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WokeUpFuzzy wrote:

Can I have my name changed to "WokeUpFuzzy' please?


bobblehead wrote:

Hey team, can I grab an upload code for this week (50)? I was too slow uploading. I blame 2020.

https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 9dac3230d6

emily wrote:

i was done with the song & had loaded it round 6pm but just got on to delete that upload to fix a spelling error in the track metadata -  i was mid upload and it disappeared - i was cornfused with the time difference - thought i had an hour

could please have an upload code

https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 166c5d7bd7


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acid wrote:

deleted the old avatar, uploaded a new one, and the old one re-appears.
Tried erasing my cache, same result. No matter what I upload the old avatar is still shown every time.

Are you afraid we're all going think think you are kevin spacey?

Mortistar wrote:

Yo, I've been an absolute spoon and ended up falling asleep at my desk is there any chance I could get a link just this once? heart

here https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 78198479a3

Mr Mort wrote:

Hey There had a late show and woke up a bit late can I get a link?

here. https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 447e5b0482

Catthew O. wrote:

oh gosh, my mind is all out of whack. I thought I had til 9 to upload for some reason. If that's a valid excuse I'd love a second chance, since I finished something and all, hah

here. https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … cd40755d2b

Oso Feo wrote:

Heyy I got off work later than expected can I get a link?

here https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 75e915e2cd

Aday wrote:
Phil Harmonic wrote:

bahaha. i could give you the original sample if you want. but seriously. you must just want to torture me.

Sure... I basically just took apart the track in audacity already

I think you just did 1 hit sample?

yeah. actually the original sample was pretty quiet and dirty. i ended up normalizing eqing out almost all of the frequencies except for like 3 where the actual cricket chirp resides. smile

Aday wrote:

Noticed we haven't done a Weeklybeats theme for awhile. (or a thread dedicated to it at least)
It's still early in the week,

I've decided to do a remix of https://weeklybeats.com/phil+harmonic/m … id-friends for this week

Anyone else keen?

It's sitting around 168BPM smile

bahaha. i could give you the original sample if you want. but seriously. you must just want to torture me.

Ashtom wrote:

Hey, I'm not sure what happened but this week track loops mysteriously after a while. Is it possible to re-upload it?

you'll have to delete the post and then we'll have to give you an upload link.