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acid wrote:

deleted the old avatar, uploaded a new one, and the old one re-appears.
Tried erasing my cache, same result. No matter what I upload the old avatar is still shown every time.

Are you afraid we're all going think think you are kevin spacey?

Mortistar wrote:

Yo, I've been an absolute spoon and ended up falling asleep at my desk is there any chance I could get a link just this once? heart

here https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 78198479a3

Mr Mort wrote:

Hey There had a late show and woke up a bit late can I get a link?

here. https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 447e5b0482

Catthew O. wrote:

oh gosh, my mind is all out of whack. I thought I had til 9 to upload for some reason. If that's a valid excuse I'd love a second chance, since I finished something and all, hah

here. https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … cd40755d2b

Oso Feo wrote:

Heyy I got off work later than expected can I get a link?

here https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 75e915e2cd

Aday wrote:
Phil Harmonic wrote:

bahaha. i could give you the original sample if you want. but seriously. you must just want to torture me.

Sure... I basically just took apart the track in audacity already

I think you just did 1 hit sample?

yeah. actually the original sample was pretty quiet and dirty. i ended up normalizing eqing out almost all of the frequencies except for like 3 where the actual cricket chirp resides. smile

Aday wrote:

Noticed we haven't done a Weeklybeats theme for awhile. (or a thread dedicated to it at least)
It's still early in the week,

I've decided to do a remix of https://weeklybeats.com/phil+harmonic/m … id-friends for this week

Anyone else keen?

It's sitting around 168BPM smile

bahaha. i could give you the original sample if you want. but seriously. you must just want to torture me.

Ashtom wrote:

Hey, I'm not sure what happened but this week track loops mysteriously after a while. Is it possible to re-upload it?

you'll have to delete the post and then we'll have to give you an upload link.


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i think LANDR ruined my track. like 2 people commented this week haha

conGdonG wrote:

Oops I also didn't realize there was a timezone specificity. Can I pretty please have a link for Week 2 ? Never again! Thank you.

https://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?ha … 73b70bed8f


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Saskrotch wrote:

Don't tell me what to do.


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OleJazzer wrote:

My tune played fine on my computer but will not play on the site here and it is an m4a format. Is there any way I can reload it as a mp3 for week 1?

You’ll have to completely delete your posting and then we can give you an upload link for a late submission


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how's this going to work anyway? how will we all use the same account? or do we submit our tracks to you and you then submit it to LANDR?


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starpause wrote:

Ok cool! So we have 12 right now including maybes and JerwuQu found a 25% off coupon so we're looking at ~18 a head for the year :]

When you contact me please provide your paypal email, which I'll use to send a note out on Friday the 12th to verify the people who have expresed interest are in and let everyone know what the final amount worked out to. But rad that we already got it under $20!

hmm. i tried emailing you from the WB site but it didnt appear to do anything when i hit submit. not sure if it's a bug or if you just have emailing turned off.

actually.. mine only showed the first word on facebook.