kevanatkins wrote:

Had a bit of a strange issue. The MP3 file that Pro Tools exported was mono, even though the WAV was stereo. Really weird. Anyway, I've resolved it, would I be able to re-upload?


Interesting track, You will need to delete your mono version week 11 track before you can use this,
And you will loose your comments.

But this link here is valid for 48 hours. … 4ceb567da6

thisissami wrote:
thisissami wrote:

Can I get an upload link for weeks 10 & 11? I missed 3 weeks and am making extra tracks now so that i get back on track for 52 total across the year. smile

Herro - I think you guys might have missed my request? I'd love to have some upload links for my 2 extra tracks I made this past week!! heart

Hey sorry to break it to you but the rules,

› What is the weekly deadline?

› Can I upload songs early?

› If I missed the deadline for a week what happens?

A list of the foundation rules of this weeklybeats challenge is over at

It happens, it's not the end of the world - Just try to stick to the deadline for next time smile

Ultra super clear guidelines. We have deleted a few tracks from the first week of uploads as people didnt read the FAQ and upload rules. we will remove your track if:

1 - The track contains copyrighted samples which do not permit derivative works.

2 - The track has been uploaded or made available before the week in question.

3 - The track is a cover of a song which does not permit derivative works.

4 - The track is not finished.

Please read the rules at the top of the upload page and the FAQ carefully before uploading your tracks to avoid having them deleted or getting yourself banned.

Just a quick reminder from your friendly admin team!

PS, If your song is deleted for whatever reason, you don't get to upload another one in its place.

- edited for clarity - 1/9/2012
- added info - 2/6/2012


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