My setup is nothing fancy, basically a PC with Renoise, Live and a load of old trackers (SchismTracker, PT2.3 Clone, FT2 Clone, and a few others). I have an Akai controller keyboard but I need to be a brave soldier, take it apart and clean it (things have a nasty habit of not working when I put them back together). Plus I have a couple of Gameboys, a PSP and a Vita. So no fancy gear, nothing that would make the casual observer go "he's a musician" or anything. But it's how I've done it for over 20 years so it's what I'm used to.


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I'm not going to be too restrictive and set myself harsh goals for the year, but I'd like to do more .mod/.it/.xm tracker tunes, use Ableton Live a bit more, er, live, and not get too bothered about feeling I'm making the same old stuff. That 'same old stuff' is my sound, I should cherish it. Having said all that, you know it'll be Renoise Renoise Renoise.