Damn! I missed that WB started 29th and now i have only 4 days for the first track.

2020 is 20’s so we should do Jazz and Swing smile


The past few years I have given myself an additional challenge on top of the weekly upload and this year I am going to choose something different to challenge myself with.

In the past I have done the song within an hour, streamlined the workflow to a single session and this year I want to bring back some of what I had to let go of to make those songs so quickly.

This year I will be using at least one recorded audio element in each song! I'm hoping to ween myself off these midi instruments a bit :-X

I intend to make audiovisual compositions through my automaton alter ego ALEXANDroid live coding with Sonic Pi and Hydra visuals.

Primary goal is to keep hitting one track per week. Also...more composition from a chord-change point of view, rather than dwell-on-one-tonal-center...but you never know.

A couple new guitars came to me this year (acoustic parlor and a new electric), so I'll be making an effort to use them.    I can relate to the "don't wait for the last minute" goal!

- be in the 52 club again (2018 was the first time i managed it!)
- stream music stuff more (check it @
- maybe do more acoustic things idk

Tweaklab wrote:

Prior to 2012 I would NEVER "finish" a song, after making beats for almost a decade by that time. Since WB2012 I've made hmm, 250 tunes or so and consider 95% of them "finished" as what they are, where there's always been a few key tracks from each round of WeeklyBeats that I bookmark to come back and make a more fresh version with more time and skill gained etc.

Basically my goal is sit through a whole notebook of "things to do to those 98% finished Weeklybeats tracks" and finally put some EP out on Bandcamp.

And I'd love to get more involved in the community, maybe showcasing all the amazing talent here through a podcast.

I'm struggling to produce videos for the tracks, since Youtube is my only "social" output (No Facebook)

Is it me or Soundcloud is not working anymore (for reaching new listeners)?

Glad to see so many familiar faces. Best wishes in this 2020!!!

ecso wrote:

My goal is simply to last longer than I did in WB2018 but, more importantly, not get so damn stressed about hitting the deadlines.

You made some fantastic killer beats last year. Hope to see more of that coming this 2020.

laguna wrote:

You made some fantastic killer beats last year. Hope to see more of that coming this 2020.

Thank you! I hope to definitely do more of that.

total prolificness

Calavera wrote:

Hmm, I think my goal is to rid myself of this self-imposed notion that every song idea is precious, and a potential amazing life-altering song in hiding (I just have to "perfect it").

I want to try making lots of shit songs (and some good ones) rather than a very small amount of good ones. I want to practice being kind to myself when I struggle and fail at this, also.

Best of luck, everyone!

I am also v much in this mindset. Especially since I want to learn OpenMPT and have a ton of other things I want to do with music. Even if it's not up to my (honestly quite ridiculous) standards, I can always go back later and tweak it. Fingers crossed. Cheers!~

My goal is to get more productive, fast and creative.  And also to stop looking for perfection and never finishing a d*mn project!

cTrix wrote:

Monthlybeats for me!


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Explore, expand, improve. Learn new things.
Between 1 and 365 new things.
Have fun.

I usually much around and have fun with my hardware and never show any of it. the goal is to do random selections of my gear and explore the functionality of it. then record and upload it hear and to youtube.

My main hope is to do it once per week. Just to push an idea through, record it, document it, and post it. I'm not sure beyond that what the plan is, maybe to focus mostly on my modular synthesizer and use each week as an exploration of a particular module. I'll probably explore during the week and then record the track on the weekend. That seems likely. We'll see.

In case people stumble into my tracks and get confused (or annoyed) at what I'm attempting.

I'm a producer who's been comfortable (but really unsatisfied) producing in linear DAWs for over 10 years. I've been really interested in throwing myself in the deep end with generative music and taking away a lot of the tools I use in a DAW to edit and finesse rough ideas that emerge from jams.

My objective this year is to get better at designing generative systems that don't rely on edits to self assemble into compositions. My main focus is typically sound and instrument design - i'm eager to develop better methods for compositions to emerge out of these focused systems.

I'm really interested in getting better at making "noise music" in some ways more so than traditional music.