Looking forward to WB 2020!!!

2020 woo!!

I'm here for this!!!

Sooo... This happening or no?

32 days boys and girls!

I'm down!

Please say it's coming back! big_smile

when should we contact Trash80?

Let`s do it again.....please!

I'm ready for 2020!

Ready for a new year!

Brackleforth wrote:

when should we contact Trash80?

If you or anyone else is acquainted with him or any of the other mods, can we reach out? big_smile

I’m not acquainted... who are the other mods? George Bowles and Aday are, I think?

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Here was a response from trash80 on Twitter about the subject.

https://twitter.com/dboydchipmusic/stat … 12000?s=19

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My each year has gone downfall:

2014: 28 tracks in 28 weeks
2016: 15 tracks in 15 weeks
2018:  8 tracks in 15 weeks

I'm trying to to get a grip in 2020. I'm starting (finally) a piano lessons so i'll apply that to the weekly tracks. I was also thinking of doing first 5 weeks or so with Mashine that i never use.

Oh, btw, I finally released two of my 2014 WB PsyTrance tracks:
https://soundcloud.com/praktika-band-29 … ssa-143bpm
https://soundcloud.com/praktika-band-29 … ulevaisuus

Since i'm not doing any trendy hip music, those tracks written 5 years ago sound still as good (or bad) as they did in 2014. Both have been remixed thou for 2019 releases.

Three of the 2016 tracks are being released as Hip Hop beats in 2020 for local Rappers. Then i sold two 2018 WB tracks to commercials.  So can say that for me WB have been quite usefull big_smile

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If anyone wants in on the LANDR group buy it'll happen again. Enough of us liked using it last year that we upped it for access through the off season