They get stuck and don't play, I use Chrome.

This song for example: … ---noopept

I tested using chrome on MacOS. Seems to play fine. Have you tried refreshing the page? Restarting Chrome? Rebooted the PC?
Let me know if that helped!

It never works. I'm on PC.

This happened again on another song. I have at least one a week that does it and interrupts my listening. … tic-batard
This one doesn't work this week.

or this: … le-gates-2

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noticed that the 3 songs linked are all m4a format, does anyone know if that could have something to do with it?

why people even use m4a?
every time i land onto one of those my weeklybeats queue stops. really annoyin

[edit] noticed its always the same people with these damn m4as

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