Hello everybody!

I just wanted to know whom of you are in the same continent as me (currently the only Spaniard, I'm afraid).

I get a little envious to see several people from US/CANADA, Australia... Will love to meet you all guys, but it's difficult.

I guess it could be great to share with fellow musicians from your area, like what you have in Adelaide, AUS.

Peace and happy WB'2016!

I'm Dutch, last time there were a few other Dutch folks (men of mega, xyce, dreikelvin, among others). I believe there's one Swiss artist here as well, and there was also a German/Australian couple IIRC.

I'm in England, which is at the moment still in Europe smile

Here from Czech Republic.

First time doing WB, looking forward to finish as much weeks as i can!

If you ever decide to visit Chicago, you can always crash at my place!

I have been popping over to Europe on average every two years since 2012, so and may be coming over this year - funding allowing - to do a project in London.

French guy here! Same as rackfive, I'll do my best to deliver every week!

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I live in a former European colony... Does that count?

Germany calling. Waving hello to all weekly beaters out there.


minaret_kid wrote:


Thats awesome! If you have time id like to chat with you about germany!

Im unfortunately in the US of A

Ipaghost wrote:

If you ever decide to visit Chicago, you can always crash at my place!

Say hi to Teklife and the rest of Chiraq for me

Northern Europe here!

Brussels, Belgium here!

Yeah, Switzerland here wink first time contributer. I'm really looking forward to the whole project.

Sør-Norge, yo.