I have to say making music is like an erection, when its there you must cater and make good sure that its taken care of. Once its gone like all good things its gone. You mustn't over think it as it has a mind of its own. It comes natural like seeing a beautiful mare. Every stroke becomes more and more desirable. Until Boom..that is all.

I have to disagree. At least somewhat. I mean sure, when that "inspired moment" strikes, ride it. But the rest of the time, just work. Always think about music, study it, learn about it, etc. The more broad your skillset and interest in music the easier it is to just create. To be a really good guitarist (or whatever) you should be practicing 3-4 hours a day, every day (or whatever the latest number is), the same is true of writing music. You need to - at the very least- be actively engaged with music for a couple of hours a day, every day. Then you don't need to wait for the inspiration, you just create.

Or something...

Like an erection?  Eee.  It's more like cooking and more like how @Vinpous describes it.  Depending on "inspired" moments of "erections" limits your musical ability.  You have to work at it.  Treat it like a long term agenda.  Like each song is a part of a larger piece called your creative evolution.

I get the erection metaphor... BUt in a very hentai sort of way. One moment youre like "aw what a nice sunny day..." and then suddenly tentacles and screams. And dick fingers.

Maybe I got it wrong O_o

instantly reminded of the transition pieces in this set

I'm not really creating anything. I'm just letting music come through. I can't force it much, nor help it much.

Uh oh did I kill the thread?