does that mean at one point, everyone will be here to stay george bowles?
that'd be awesome.

Much respect to anyone who did even one WB.
This is a cool place to be



go 51-tron!  this is fascinating.. i wish i had time to graph it all *wink nudge*

Needs more graphs.

Whoops!? Did someone say graphs?

I was ABOUT to say graphs.  Top work!

I'd also love to get graphs and stats for:

Track lengths (in minutes).  1min, 2min, 2 1/2min, 3min, 3min 1/2min, 4min, 5min, > 6min  (bar graph)

What day submitted on

We should have just one thread that gets updated graphs every week.
It'd be more organized.

edit: also a png/jpg of the graphs would be more convenient than an .xls wink

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I made these right before I had to go to school, so I didn't want to waste time taking a screenshot and cutting the graph out, or to figure out how to export the graph with Open Office.

Oh, and by "What day submitted on", do you mean like "How many tracks were uploaded on each day?"

id be curious on a city breakdown of the 51 remaining.. from what i can tell chicago has has at least 3 of them, wonder how that breaks down overall

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I don't feel the date submitted stat/list heading is at all relevant. All tracks go live at the very same second.

Bumping this to ask a question to the admins. It's about all the survivors here (also known as team xx). Are all the weeks correct now, or are there any survivors that are still not included in the affected week's lists? Building some new stats now, so it'd be handy to know out of fairness to them.

I may not be included (I uploaded one after deadline due to being in a no-internet area)

For all intents and purposes, let's say all weeks are now correct. GIMME DEM STATZ! big_smile