anyone know what this means? I have gotten this error for the past two weeks when i have tried to upload.

It goes away eventually and will let me upload, i just would like to know how fix it in case i am uploading really late and this happens.

Whats the full error? can you either copy the text or screen shot it next time you get it?
Do you get it when you're doing anything else, what browser/s are you using?
More info will help us get it solved smile

The site dumped me while uploading my track several times. Got bored and missed the deadline. damn.

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Yeah, I've had it. The site wasn't letting me upload for most of Sunday with that stupid "Security Error", and then suddenly it did - nothing changed on my end... Same browser, same laptop, same tab even, all I did was refresh the page and try again.
Latest Chrome, OSX10.7, same combination that hadn't had an issue before Sunday.

The full error message is just that "Security Error" when you try and upload, you don't see anything else. Nothing happens.

^^^ this  Except my specs are windows 7 64bit and the most recent version of firefox (i've stopped counting). No other apps or tabs open

Haha I have no idea. Could be the amazon server occasionally tripping on itself by missing the xml permissions file, or it could be your browser / flash messing up? No idea. The docs on swfupload (the tool we use for the progress bar) was not specific on the error

useless documentation wrote:

SECURITY_ERROR - The upload violates a security restriction. This error is rare.